Cochin Shipyard IPO Listing Date is 11th August 2017

By | August 10, 2017

Cochin Shipyard IPO Listing Date is 11th August 2017, CSL Listing Date Information Online at – As you all know, the listing of Cochin Shipyard is going to be on 11th August 2017. The allotment of Cochin Shipyard IPO was done on 09th August 2017. Many investors had applied for Cochin Shipyard IPO. Some got success and some got disappointed.

This IPO was quite successful. Retail investors showed great interest in this IPO. Due to which the IPO was subscribed too much in the Retail Segment. Linkintime released allotment of this IPO on August 9, 2017. Linkintime is the registrar of the IPO. Investors jammed the Registrar’s website from the morning. Due to which there was a lot of trouble opening the website. Investors were anxious to see their allotment from morning till evening. At around 5:00, the registrar issued an allotment of the IPO.

Many people got disappointed after the allotment came and some people got success. Now tomorrow is the listing day and people are very excited about it. Investors can check our website time to time for all news related to the current and upcoming IPOs. We are here for the help of retail investors and we try to provide all the possible information about the IPOs.

Cochin Shipyard IPO Listing Date

Cochin Shipyard IPO listing will be on August 11, 2017. Investors wanted to know about listing date. So, we let them know that the listing is tomorrow. We know that many investors will earn profits by selling their shares on a listing day. While Many investors will include Cochin Shipyard’s share in their portfolio. Whatever the investor does, they have the advantage. Because this company is a very good company. The future of this company is very good. It is likely to benefit from its stock in the future. Even if, the investor does not want to sell it on a listing day, there is no problem. The Cochin Shipyard’s share is the good one and they can keep it to their portfolio.

The online poll on our website suggests that the Cochin Shipyard IPO will list around Rs. 600 to Rs. 620. Let’s hope for the best and best of luck to all the investors who are allotted the Cochin Shipyard’s share.

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