Dixon IPO Grey Market Price, Dixon GMP, Kostak Rate and Premium

By | September 14, 2017

Dixon IPO Grey Market Price, Dixon GMP, Kostak Rate and Premium, Dixon Technologies greymarket premium. – Welcome to greymarket.co.in. Dixon Technologies (India) Limited will open for the subscription on NSE and BSE in short time and investors were looking for the greymarket price of the IPO. Well, we like to tell the investors that it has debuted on the secondary market. The Dixon IPO price band is in range of Rs. 1760 – Rs. 1766. It looks expensive but the company is doing good and it can be a good IPO for the investors, for the short term view. Some experts are saying that it can be a pricey bet with a limited margin of safety. It is opened well on the secondary market with Rs. 500 premium. Let us see whether it sustain at this price or later the prices go down. You can not say right now, Only time will tell. In the given section of our website, we will talk about the Valuations of the company. So, you will get some basic idea and it will also help you decide your application. So, check the below section for the Dixon Technologies (India) Limited greymarket price and other details.

Dixon IPO Grey Market Price

As we can see, the IPO premium was opened today on the greymarket. You can check the day to day grey market rates of Dixon IPO at this page. The page will be updated every day with the latest prices. So, check this page every day, if you are going to apply for the Dixon Technologies (India) IPO.

DatePremiumKostak RateSauda
04 September 2017Rs. 500 to 525Rs. 425 to 475—-
05 September 2017Rs. 540 to 560Rs. 435—-
06 September 2017Rs. 610 to 630Rs. 500Rs. 4100
07 September 2017Rs. 605 to 625Rs. 500Rs. 4100
11 September 2017Rs. 660 to 680Rs. 550Rs. 4500
12 September 2017Rs. 680 to 700Rs. 575Rs. 4500
13 September 2017Rs. 700 to 720Rs. 575Rs. 4700
14 September 2017Rs. 725 to 730Rs. 600Rs. 5100
15 September 2017Rs. 425 to 430Rs. 600Rs. 5100


Let’s discuss the valuation of the company. Here are some points to think:

  1. The company is asking for a market capitalization of around Rs 2,000 crore at the upper price band.
  2. That will be the valuation of 39 times FY17 earnings.
  3. The company operates on low margins with high volatility in earnings growth.
  4. The business model of the Dixon is dependent on fewer clients which give a limited margin of safety to investors.

Check Dixon IPO Allotment status at www.greymarket.co.in.

Investors should think about these things before they put their money in this IPO. These days the total investment is not that much high for the retail investors, as they only apply to one lot i.e. maximum 15,000. So, sometimes these review and rating thing looks worthless as the whole thing becomes gamble to small retail investors who want to gain some quick money in short time.

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