Mahindra Logistics IPO GMP Grey Market Price and Premium Kostak Rates

By | November 3, 2017
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Are you planning to apply for the Mahindra Logistics IPO? Are you looking for the grey market price of Mahindra Logistics IPO? If the answer is yes, then you are at the right place. Mahindra Logistics Ltd IPO GMP can be viewed on this page. As we all know that the Mahindra Logistics Limited has announced that it will raise Rs. 829.36 crore through an initial public offering (IPO). The company has already declared the dates. The Mahindra Logistics will launch its IPO on 31 October 2017. Investors who want to apply for the Mahindra Logistics IPO must check this page. We have furnished all details about the Mahindra Logistics IPO on this website.

Investors or the people who want to make quick money from stock markets in short time need to read all the information carefully given in the DRHP of the IPO. Reading all details about the company will make you avoid loss in the markets. Grey Market rates of Mahindra Logistics IPO will give you an indication that how this IPO is performing in the secondary market and this will give you a fair idea that what should you do. The IPO will be closed on 02 November 2017. Now read the given area where we have tried to provide you more details about the company.

Mahindra Logistics IPO Grey Market Price and Premium

Mahindra Logistics Ltd is the logistics arm of automobile maker Mahindra and Mahindra Ltd. The Mahindra Logistics IPO share sale is a pure secondary offering, The primary investors Mahindra, Normandy Holdings Ltd and private equity firm Kedaara Capital will collectively sell 19,330,000 shares. The share sale will see a total stake dilution of 27%.

  • Company: Mahindra Logistics Ltd
  • Open Date: 31st October 2017
  • Close Date: 02nd November 2017
  • IPO Price Band: Rs. 425 – Rs. 429 per share

The company has fixed the price band of its IPO at Rs. 425 – Rs. 429 per share. At the upper band of the price which is Rs. 429 per share the company will be valued at Rs. 3,052 crores.

If you want to check the allotment status of Mahindra Logistics IPO then please check the link given below.

Mahindra Logistics IPO Allotment Status

GMP of Mahindra Logistics IPO

The current GMP of Mahindra Logistics Limited IPO is Rs. 115 and the Kostak Rates are Rs. 450. If you want to check the daily grey market price of Mahindra Logistics IPO then you must bookmark this page. This page will be updated daily with the latest rates and prices.

DateGMPKostak RateSauda
24 October 2017Rs. 115Rs. 450—-
25 October 2017Rs. 115Rs. 450—-
26 October 2017Rs. 90Rs. 450—-
27 October 2017Rs. 90Rs. 450—-
30 October 2017Rs. 62Rs. 400—-
01 November 2017Rs. 60Rs. 150Rs. 800
03 November 2017Rs. 50Rs. 150Rs. 800
06 November 2017Rs. 20 (Seller)Rs. 150Rs. 800
09 November 2017Rs. 20 (Seller)Rs. 150Rs. 800

Grey Market Price of Mahindra Logistics

09th November 2017: GMP is Rs. 20 (Seller).
06th November 2017: The current price is Rs. 20 (Seller). There are no buyers in this IPO.
03rd November 2017: Price is down to Rs. 50.
01st November 2017: The grey market price of Mahindra Logistic is Rs. 60.
30th October 2017: The price of this IPO slid to Rs. 62 from Rs. 90 and the Kostak rates are also Rs. 50 down to Rs. 400.
27th October 2017: The grey market price is same as 26 October 2017.
26th October 2017: The GMP is Rs. 90 and Kostak rates are Rs. 450.

5 thoughts on “Mahindra Logistics IPO GMP Grey Market Price and Premium Kostak Rates


    What is GMP? Is it the present market value? If so, the IPO price per share is much more?Please reply.I am planning to apply.

  2. Raguvir

    GMP means grey market price. The GMP of this IPO is around Rs. 90, this means the listing price of this IPO will be IPO Price + GMP i.e. Rs. 429 + Rs. 90 = 519. That means you will be able to share this stock on Rs. 519 on the listing day. Rs. 90 is your profit per share.


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