IPO Grey Market Price and GMP Premium Kostak Rates

By | September 14, 2017 IPO Grey Market Price, greymarket rates, IPO GMP, Premium’s IPO hit the stock market today. Subscription of the IPO open now. The IPO is priced at Rs. 983 – Rs. 985 and it will close on 13th September 2017. All of you who like to get the grey market price of IPO can check the given space. The IPO is now trading in the secondary markets that are grey market. The grey market premium was started for the IPO last week. It was started with the Kostak rates and finally, the GMP of is out. Investors need to read the prices at the given space. We have all other information about the IPO at our website we like our users to check that information as well for the better judgement of the IPO. IPO Grey Market Price is an indication about the IPO. greymarket rates

Investors are required to read all fundamental details of the IPO before applying. The greymarket price can be deceiving as it changes all the time before the listing.

DatePremiumKostak RateSauda
08 September 2017Rs. 220 to 240Rs. 250—-
11 September 2017Rs. 160 to 165Rs. 250—-
12 September 2017Rs. 155 to 160Rs. 225Rs. 1500
13 September 2017Rs. 120 to 125Rs. 225Rs. 1500
14 September 2017Rs. 120 to 125Rs. 225Rs. 1500
15 September 2017Rs. 120 to 125Rs. 225Rs. 1500
18 September 2017Rs. 18 to 20—-—-

As you can see the price above the greymarket price of IPO was Rs. Rs. 220 to 240 on 08 September 2017. But it went down to Rs. 160 to 165 on 11 September 2017. Kostak Rates are at Rs. 250. Investors need to check this page time to time if they want daily GMP of IPO. On this particular page of IPO Grey Market you can see the historic prices and compare the prices from the past. The prices will be indicative of the listing price. It will give you a fair idea about the listing price and the investor’s demand. GMP

Few Details about the IPO:

  • IPO Name:
  • IPO Price band: Rs. 983 – Rs. 985
  • Open on: 11 September 2017
  • Close on: 13 September 2017
  • Retail Investor discount: Rs 98
The company is giving the discount of Rs. 98 to the retail investors. That means the price band for the retails investors stands at Rs. 885 – Rs. 887 per equity shares.

Investors can check more details about the IPO at the following links. IPO Details IPO Allotment Status Long term view?

One thought on “ IPO Grey Market Price and GMP Premium Kostak Rates

  1. Abd

    Matrimony ipo was a flop
    Gmp was 155-160 , grey market is only an indication . Investors stay prudent and conscious , matrimony was over subscribed largely by retail which was 18 times …
    compare that with Icici Lombard – excellent management and yoy profit and revenue generation . GMP of ICICI Lombard was given 15-20 …and QIB was subscribed more than 8 times .
    Make your own wise decisions investors and don’t try to get influenced by GMP rates ….
    It is not rocket science to imagine that Dmart , Salazar , AU finanance would be hit . Everyone knows those Ipos will be a hit . Getting an allocation was in itself a big boost and a gain . Don’t simply blindfold yourself with GMP …


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