What is the alloment date of Astron Paper IPO?

Param Mehta asked 3 years ago

Hello everyone,
My name is Param Mehta from Rajasthan. I have applied for the Astron Paper & Board Mill Ltd IPO. This IPO has created lot of interest in the general public as high returns are expected from it. I want to know that on what date the Astron Paper IPO Allotment would be done or What is the Astron Paper IPO Allotment Date? I think Link Intime is the registrar and we have to check the Link intime’s website for the allotment, but I am not sure about the dates. Please help me on this matter.

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Rohit Bajaj answered 3 years ago

Hi param,
Allotment would be done around 25th December 2017. Please check website on that date. This website has also mentioned that we should check allotment around that time.

Pashupati Nath answered 3 years ago

No, Allotment will not be done on 25th Dec as it is Xmas holidays. The allotment will be announced on 26th Dec and the listing is expected on 28th Dec 2017. Market and other institutions dealing in the stock markets would be closed on 25th Dec.

Tanmay Oza answered 3 years ago

Check all details at this website, The allotment page of Astron paper IPO is http://greymarket.co.in/astron-paper-ipo-allotment-status-date/
Check this page and you will get all details.

Harish Rawal answered 3 years ago

Yes, sahi hai, allotment 26 Dec ko hi aana chahiye, lekin ye log 25 ko bhi daal sakte hai, koi theek nahi hai inka.

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