How to apply dixon technology ipo online

S.H.Sultan Mohamed asked 1 year ago
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IPO Asba answered 1 year ago

If you want to apply for the IPO online then you need to check with your bank. You will get the option in your online banking system to apply for the IPO via Application Supported by Blocked Amount (ASBA) Procedure. You need to register once for the ASBA and then you can fill the applications online.

You can also apply online via the NSE website. You need to check the following link to get all information.

Infodon answered 1 year ago

Hi, thanks for asking the question. If you are new in the stock market and want to apply for the IPO online then you need to fully under stand the procedure. NSE India has put all information online for the retail investors. Investors need to read all the FAQs at the NSE website. Faqs on ASBA IPO for Investors can be seen at the given link.

bhagwat answered 1 year ago

You can check NSE Website, NSE website has all details regarding the online IPO application process. Read the FAQ or ask someone who is familiar to the process. They will guide you quickly. You must know everything before applying. Otherwise, you can lose money. Stock markts are risky business. Use ur mind and do ur homework. 

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