What are the Astron Paper Allotment chances?

Sunil Biswas asked 3 years ago

Hi, I have applied for the Astron Paper IPO through three different demat accounts. I want to know what are my chances to get the allotment. I am applying for all these ipo’s from past, but I do not get allotment. Is there any trick to get the allotment? Am I missing something here? Please educate me on this. I am very confused of the fact that why I am not getting any allotment. Thanks. 

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Nandu answered 3 years ago

Getting allotment is very tough in this particular IPO as the subscription is very high. It is madness. You are not getting any subscription because when IPO oversubscribes too much then it is pure luck. It is lottery my friend. So, do not worry. There is no other trick to get allotment. Just apply and wait for your chance.

Jignesh Barot answered 3 years ago

Hello Sunil, 
Nandu is right that it is only luck to get allotment these days, Earlier the people applying with the higher amount was getting allotment but these days SEBI has changed the rules. Now the people who apply with one lot has the same chance like people who apply with all lots. So, it lottery.

Lost Hope answered 3 years ago

Chances are zero, do not expect anything. Have you seen the subscription figures. This IPO is totally f**ked. No one is getting allotment.

Bimal Rastogi answered 3 years ago

Getting god is easier my friend. Bhagwaan saayad mil jaaye, Allotment is tough.

Sudhakar answered 3 years ago

What about the date? What is the allotment date of Astron paper IPO? 25th December is Xmas holidays. So, what date listing will be done. Any one any idea?

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