What is Astron Paper IPO Subscription?

Raghu Raj asked 3 years ago

I want to know every day subscription status of Astron Paper & Board Mill Ltd IPO? I want to apply for this IPO, But i want to apply on the last day. I want to see the subscription first. Is it good strategy? Please provide Daily Astron Paper IPO Subscription.

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Sidhi answered 3 years ago

Are bhai, Isko open to hone do abhi. The subscription figures can be seen from 15th Dec 2017 as IPO is going to open on the same day. The IPO will be closing on 20th Dec 2017. Wait for a week to check the Astron Paper IPO Subscription status online.

Sashi answered 3 years ago

Day One Subscription (15th December 2017) Retail (RII) – 2.24 Non Institutional Investors (NII) – 0.10 Qualified Institutional Buyers (QIBs) – 1.50 Employees – 0.06 Total – 0.94  

Sashi answered 3 years ago

Day Two Subscription (18th December 2017)
Retail (RII) – 14.08
Non Institutional Investors (NII) – 0.45
Qualified Institutional Buyers (QIBs) – 1.80
Employees – 0.58
Total – 5.11

Astron Lover answered 3 years ago

Retail investors became very active but they are not aware that the allotment will be very tough. They wont get anything.

vashudev answered 3 years ago

Day Three Subscription (19th December 2017)
Retail (RII) – 33.57
Non Institutional Investors (NII) – 1.15
Qualified Institutional Buyers (QIBs) – 5.74
Employees – 1.59
Total – 12.39

Majumdar answered 3 years ago

Are, retail kaa dekh lo, kisko milega, Paagal ho gaye hai log, Itna paagalpan barbaad kar dega sabko.

vashudev answered 3 years ago

Day Four Subscription (20th December 2017)
Retail (RII) – 77.93
Non Institutional Investors (NII) – 396.99
Qualified Institutional Buyers (QIBs) – 103.36
Employees – 2.71
Total – 243.29

Ghanta answered 3 years ago

Xmas may santa nahi ghanta milega ghanta. Nasib hi kharab nai. No luck.

Harsh chovatia answered 3 years ago

hope you have applied for this ipo.The qualified institutional buyers (QIBs) portion got oversubscribed 103.36 times, non institutional investors 396.99 times and retail investors 76.26 times, merchant banking sources said. The issue is in the price band of Rs 45-50. let us see how much it opens…

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