Can anyone provide me Astron Paper IPO Review?

Lala asked 3 years ago

I am new in the IPO market and i want to apply for the Astron Paper & Board Mill Ltd IPO. What is the review of Astron Paper IPO? Please give me information about the pros and cons about this IPO? Should i invest in this IPO or not? This site looks good so please help me on this matter.

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Labhu answered 3 years ago

Astron Paper Review:
Price: Rs 45 to 50
Earnings per Share (EPS) Rs. 3.06
Equity Capital as on 31.3.2017
Equity Capital after the IPO: Rs.
Upper Price Band/last EPS: 16.34
Book Value of the Share as per last Balance sheet Rs. 13.94
Overall its a good IPO for a listing gains, allotment would be very tough. One can buy stocks from the open market.
Previous listings like Salasar Techno Engineering and Apex Frozen Foods is the example. It will give you good return.
Must Apply IPO for the listing gains.

Sripal Shah answered 3 years ago

Quick Review – IPO size is small. Allotment will be tough. Do not buy the shares at the high levels. IPO is good if you get allotment.
Company is small and making profit. So, you can apply for the IPO, But if you don’t get allotment, don’t buy it from markets. Its risky.

Bharat answered 3 years ago

अलॉटमेंट नहीं मिलेगा, जान बूझ कर इसका शेयर्स कम रखा है, जिसको अलॉटमेंट होगा वो माला माल हो जाएगा क्यूंकि इसका प्राइस कम से कम १५० से २०० के बीच रहेगा. जो की २८० शेयर्स के लोट पर बहुत ही जोरदार रीटर्न है, सभी इन्वेस्ट करे. सबको मेरी सुभकामनाये.

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