Where can i download ICICI Lombard IPO DRHP? Prospectus?

IPO Lover asked 10 months ago

I read somewhere that ICICI Lombard got the approval for the IPO. My question is where can I download the ICICI Lombard IPO Prospectus? Please provide me all details and the full prospectus of the IPO.

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admin Staff answered 10 months ago

You can download the IPO Prospectus from the SEBI website. The exact link can be seen at this link – http://www.sebi.gov.in/filings/public-issues/jul-2017/icici-lombard-general-insurance-company-limited_35321.html
The IPO got the approval from the SEBI now.

Mukesh Sandhu answered 10 months ago

Thanks admin for the reply. I like this website very much. It’s good that grey market is back. This website is a complete package. One suggestion, please change the look and feel of the website.

Birva answered 9 months ago

Good IPO Must apply. Go for it. 

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