Where can i see allotment status of Dixon Technologies IPO?

Vinsantosh asked 11 months ago

I have applied for the Dixon Technologies (India) Limited IPO, Now as the subscription period is over I want to check the Dixon Technologies IPO Allotment Status online. Can any one provide me the link of the allotment status?  On what date can I check the allotment?Thanks in advance. 

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Dixon answered 11 months ago

Karvy website, check Karvy website after few days. Check the calendar of IPO on this website. It will give you a rough idea. This website also claims that they will show the link of the allotment.

Allotment King answered 10 months ago

The allotment will be declared shortly I think. May be in couple of days. But Karvy is managing at least three IPOs in a week time, so may be there will be some delay in the allotment. But I am 100% sure allotment will be done in two days. Wednesday allotment will be out and Thursday shares will be deposited to the demat account.

admin Staff answered 10 months ago

Dixon Technologies (India) IPO Allotment Status, Dixon IPO Allotment Karvy

Ballu answered 10 months ago

Today is 12 sep, i think allotment is done now, Karvy will publish it tomorrow. I think one in 500 will get an allotment. It is very tough. I am having bad luck with these IPOs. Don’t know what do to?

Ajay answered 10 months ago

https://goo.gl/KzVwZ9 – Be ready guys, The allotment will be announced anytime soon. So, keep checking Karvy website for the allotment link. Shares will be deposited a day after the allotment. 

jonyphony answered 10 months ago

It is 13 September today, where is the allotment link. Please share with us. Thanks.

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