Dixon Technologies or Bharat Road? Which IPO should i subscribe?

Vishal asked 11 months ago

Dixon Technologies or Bharat Road? Which IPO should I subscribe? I am not sure about it, Please help? Which one is good and can give us good return.

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IBPS Recruitment answered 11 months ago

I think Dixon is best. It is profit making company while Bharat Roads is making loss. If you see the financials of the Bharat Roads, you will know. On the other hand the greymarket price of Dixon is going up and up. Apply for Dixon.

Vilal answered 11 months ago

No, from my opinion, Dixon is also not good. Dixon is OFS means it is offer for Sale, all the money raised from the IPO is going to the shareholders and not to the company. The money i.e. around Rs 540 crore will go to the shareholders and 60 crores to the company. Altogether it is Rs 600 crore IPO. So, avoid Dixon also. 

Dhyanesh Dave answered 11 months ago

Look what expert says about Bharat Road IPO:

  1. Hem Securities – Avoid
  2. SMC Research – 1.5 star
  3. Asit C Mehta – Avoid
  4. ICICI Securities – Avoid
  5. Centrum Wealth Research – Avoid
  6. Choice Broking – Avoid
Suhasini answered 11 months ago

Bharat road can be risky, but if you like gambling you can take a risk, GMP is not great, so I don’t think you will get anything out of it. GMP or the greymarket is the indication that how that particular IPO will perform on the listing or it shows the demand pattern. Higher the greymarket price, higher the demand. So, take the risk if you want with the Bharat Roads. On the other hand, Dixon’s GMP is picking up and up and it is around 600 now, which shows one can put money on it. But again, the subscription in the retail section will be high and the chances to get shares will be low. Both ways it is a gamble.

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