What is the Godrej Agrovet IPO Review? Please give us correct information.

Mihir Patel asked 3 years ago

I am planning to apply for the Godrej Agrovet IPO, but I am not sure what to do. Please advise me on this that whether I should apply or not?

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admin Staff answered 3 years ago

Thanks, Mihir asking for the review about the Godrej Agrovet IPO. You can check the given page of the grey market website to get all details:

Godrej Agrovet Limited IPO, Godrej Agrovet IPO Details

Nanu Gandhi answered 3 years ago

This is what top broker firm suggests about this IPO:

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Prabhu answered 3 years ago

Few Points about this IPO:

  1. It is available at market cap to sales ratio of 1.8 times on FY17 basis.
  2. It has healthy balance sheet.
  3. Net debt to equity ratio of 0.6.
  4. Average net working capital days of nearly 30 and robust return on equity at 28%
  5. At 33.5 times, It doesn’t look expensive as ROE is at the higher end of the range and PE multiple is in the mid of this range.
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