Long term view?

Baba Ramdev asked 11 months ago

I am interested in this IPO. What is the long term view on this IPO? Are people applying for this IPO to sell on the day of listing or want to hold it for a while. 
Getting married would continue to be a problems for years to come and one would have this business would keep thriving? 

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Rahul answered 11 months ago

Good IPO if you don’t want to sell on a listing day. Hold it. Tech sites are making money and this will give you a good return.
More details check the main page.

Ipoguru answered 11 months ago IPO Details, Price, Allotment Status, GMP, Listing Dates, Review

Hima answered 11 months ago

The company business model is very strange. When they match their customers they loose their customers. Isn’t it strange.

bineh answered 11 months ago

GEPL Capital says subscribe to the IPO. According to the GEPL, the company has a unique business model and strong growth metrics.

IPO Review answered 11 months ago

As per the reports, one of the private equity investor Bessemer India Capital is selling its shares. The Bessemer India Capital will sale 1,461,006 equity shares. Bessemer India holds seven percent stake in the company.

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