Please provide link of Bharat Road Network Limited (BRNL) IPO Allotment Online?

Manoj Singh asked 1 year ago

Hi, My name is Manjoj SIngh. I am from Dhanbad, Jharkhand. I have applied for one lot of Bharat Road Network Limited (BRNL) IPO. I want to know whether I got the shares or not? I want to check the IPO Allotment Link of BRNL IPO. Please provide the link. When will be the allotment done? Any one any ideas. According to this website, the allotment will be done on 13 September 2017. Is it correct? Please give me some idea about the allotment date and allotment website.

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Maja lele answered 1 year ago

Hahaha, you have applied for Bharat Road, you poor fellow. It will open at discount price. You won’t get anything. Why are you waiting for the allotment? To sell shares at discount price? 🙂 

admin Staff answered 1 year ago

Bharat Road Network Limited IPO Allotment Status

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