What will be the listing price of Astron Paper IPO?

Ashish Singh asked 3 years ago

Hi, My name is Ashish Singh and I am from Ahmedabad, India. I have applied for the Astron Paper IPO. I have applied six lots from the account of my family members. After looking at the last day subscription, figures, I understand that, getting allotment in Astron Paper IPO will be very tough. It is like hitting the jackpot. But still I am hopeful. I want to know the Astron Paper IPO Listing Price (Expected). The current GMP suggests that the IPO Listing Price of Astron Paper would be around Rs. 100. Is it right? What should be the right strategy for this IPO? My questions are:

1. Astron Paper IPO Listing Price.
2. Chances of getting Allotment.
3. If, I do not get the allotment, should I buy from the open market to make some quick money?
4. What is the short-term outlook of this IPO?

Please answer these questions. I would be very thankful. Thanks in advance.

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Rinku answered 3 years ago

Hi, Ashish,
Listing price will be 100 rupees, but it can go higher after the listing day also, So, my advice is to hold the shares for few days.

Rajni answered 3 years ago

It will go to Rs. 450 in five days, mark my words. Remember Apex Frozen Foods IPO? IPO price was 175 and the current price is 839.90.
Buy it, Its a golden thing. Even at 100 rs.

Manohar answered 3 years ago

Lot size is 280 shares, so whoever get the allotment will get 280 shares. The listing day itself will make you 14000. Premium of this IPO is at Rs. 50.

Sureh Jain answered 3 years ago

It is expected that the listing will be at the higher price because of the recent demand. The IPO size is small and the demand of the IPO is very high. The subscription on the last day in the HNI and QIB section has also boosted the grey market price.
I am thinking that the listing will be around 80 and Intraday high will be Rs. 110.Happy investing.

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