SBI Life Allotment, IPO Allotment Status of SBI Life Insurance Company Ltd

By | September 28, 2017
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SBI Life Insurance Company Ltd Allotment Status is out now. The investors who want to check the IPO allotment of SBI Life can check it online. The Initial Public Offer of SBI Life was announced on 13 September 2017 by the authorities. The SBI Life IPO was open on 20 September 2017 and it closed on 22 September 2017. The month of September can be remembered for the tons of IPO. We have seen IPOs of Capacit’e Infraprojects Ltd, ICICI Lombard,, Dixon Technologies (India) Limited, Bharat Road Network Limited and now SBI Life Insurance Company Ltd.

Stock markets are showing bullish trends and everyone wants to use the available opportunity. It is true that the investors or the small investors stay away from the markets during the during the bearish markets. So, we have one new IPO. Investors and gamblers both are very active these days. Gamblers are putting money on each and every IPO to make some quick money, while investors are thinking to get some gems in their portfolio.

Update: 28 September 2017Attention, Allotment is done by Karvy today, Officials at Karvy have confirmed it that the allotment is done now. The allotment status will be uploaded online shortly.

Allotment Link is active. Please check allotment status at the link given below.

What would be the listing price of SBI Life Insurance?

  • Rs. 740 or above (65%, 721 Votes)
  • Rs. 715 to Rs. 730 (18%, 202 Votes)
  • Rs. 700 or below (10%, 110 Votes)
  • Rs. 705 to Rs. 710 (7%, 82 Votes)

Total Voters: 1,115

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The shares will be allotted soon. Allotment Date and Time: As per the officials at Karvy, the allotment of the shares will be done on 28 September 2017. Investors can check the allotment link in the evening. The allotment of SBI Life Insurance will be displayed soon on the official website. Check the given link as soon as we confirm it.

So, here we are…Those investors or the gamblers who want to check the SBI Life Allotment Status can check it on the registrar’s website. The allotment will be displayed on the registrar’s website. You can read all relevant details about the allotment of SBI Life at the given part of the website. If you don’t understand anything or if you have any queries then please leave your comments. Register with us and get more relevant information.

SBI Life IPO Allotment Status

Please check few details about the IPO at the given section.

  • SBI Life Insurance Company Ltd
  • IPO price band: Rs 685 – Rs 700 Per Equity Share
  • Opening date: 20 Sep 2017
  • Closing Date: 22 Sep 2017
  • Allotment date of SBI Life IPO: 27 Sep 2017
  • IPO Registrar: Karvy Computershare Private Limited

We want to tell the investors that the allotment of SBI Life will be done on 27 September 2017. This is the expected date of the allotment. The final date of the SBI Life Insurance IPO Allotment will be notified to customers here. You need to check this page time to time to get the allotment status online. The allotment can be checked online soon.

IPO Allotment of SBI Life Insurance Company

Now, those who have applied for the IPO must check the Karvy website for the allotment. The other details about the IPO can be checked at our website. Check the SBI Life IPO Details at our website. Karvy link for SBI Life will be updated here on this website. Other details regarding the KARVY IPO Allotment can be seen below.

Karvy IPO Allotment Online

We like to tell our readers that do not worry about the allotment. Just stay with us and we will share the direct link of the IPO Allotment Status of SBI Life Insurance Company Ltd at this web page. is the one stop guide to all your IPO solutions. One should register with us to get all timely information.

13 thoughts on “SBI Life Allotment, IPO Allotment Status of SBI Life Insurance Company Ltd

  1. Roxy

    Where is allotment details on this point of time. You ppl are declaring in sounding way that pls here and there. You all are fooling ppl. This is only the third day and there is no allotment details available on karvy site. It will be available only in the evening of tmro.

    1. Akash_Singh

      Are bhai, If you are looking for the allotment from three days then it’s your fault. It is described here that the expected allotment date is 27 September 2017. You know what expected means?

  2. Keyur CA

    Yes it is true that the allotment of the shares will be finished on 28th Sep 2017.

  3. Babu

    Allotment was expected today, i think. Allotment will be done tonight or tomorrow morning.

  4. Mohan Pandey

    Yaar, ICICI was listed at good price, i mean to say we did not lose money. My mind says same thing will happen with the SBI Life, we all get shares and we all will make some money. What say?

  5. Vikash Vyas

    The grey market premium of this IPO is around 5 rs, when ICICI Lombard was in minus and it did well. This ipo will definitely do well on the listing. I am going to sell my shares any way, as i have to apply for others also.

  6. Sridhar Kumar

    I personally recommend to all, if your basic idea to hold SBI Life share after allotment, it is very good, financial advisers recommend the same, so do not sell SBI Life allotted shares.

  7. Thomas

    my money got deducted from bank but i didnt get any message saying IPO is allotted

  8. Aakash Patel

    allotment is already done. Check your bank statement. List of allotment will be come by evening.

  9. Raguvir

    Yes, it is true that the allotment is already declared. You can call Karvy and confirm it, you can also give them your application or demat number and they will tell you the status. The website of Karvy will be updated in the evening due to heavy rush. What they normally do is they give indications to the investors by deducting money from their bank account. Shares gets credited in the demat account a day after allotment. The listing of the shares on the stock markets will be done on 03rd October 2017. The markets are closed on Monday i.e. Gandhi Jayanti.


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