Shalby Hospital IPO GMP, Grey Market Price of Shalby Ltd

By | December 14, 2017
Shalby Hospital IPO GMP, Shalby Hospital IPO Grey Market, Shalby Ltd GMP, Grey Market Price of Shalby Limited, Current Kostak Rates and Latest Subject to Sauda Rates.
Shalby Hospital IPO GMP, Grey Market Price of Shalby Ltd

Shalby Hospital IPO GMP, Grey Market Price of Shalby Ltd

Shalby Hospital has come up with an initial public offering (IPO). The company has announced that it will float an IPO in December 2017 to raise money from the markets. Shalby Ltd runs a multi-specialty hospital chain. The company has set the price band for the IPO and also decided the dates for the IPO. The IPO will be open for the public subscription from 05 December 2017 to 07 December 2017.

The Shalby Hospital IPO Price is Rs 245 – Rs 248. The secondary market activities for the Shalby IPO is also started now. The grey market price of Shalby Hospital IPO can be now seen online. Investors need to check the given space on our website to check the GMP of Shalby Ltd. The page will be updated on the daily basis. Apart from the grey market price, investors can also check very valuable details about the latest IPO. We request all the readers to please check all details about the IPO before applying. Use Grey Market rates as an informational tool. Check the given space more about the SHALBY Grey Market Rates.

Shalby Hospital IPO GMP

Find some quick details about the Shalby IPO.

  1. Name: Shalby Limited / Shalby Hospitals
  2. Company Promoter: Vikram Shah Burman
  3. Price band of IPO:  Rs 245 – Rs 248 per equity share
  4. IPO Lot Size: 60 Shares
  5. IPO date: 05 December 2017 to 07 December 2017

The Shalby IPO includes a fresh issue of Rs. 480 crore. The promoter of the company Vikram Shah Burman also plans to sell 10,00000 shares. The share sale will fetch him Rs. 24.8 crore at the upper end of the price band. The valuation of the company will be Rs. 2,172- Rs. 2,198 crore at the current price band.

Earlier, The company had proposed to issue fresh shares worth Rs. 580 crore according to its draft red herring prospectus filed with SEBI, but it has now trimmed the issue size by Rs 100 crore to Rs. 480 crore.

If you want to get more information about this IPO, we will advise you to please check our website time to time. It will give you all information related to the IPO which can be beneficial to you. Check the given link now for more.


Grey Market Price of Shalby Hospital IPO

In the given section we will provide you daily GMP of Shalby Ltd IPO. Investors should check this information every day as the Shalby Hospital IPO grey market rates will fluctuate every day as per the market sentiments and demand.

DateGMPKostak RateSauda
28 November 2017 Rs. 50 Rs. 420
29 November 2017 Rs. 55 Rs. 400
30 November 2017 Rs. 30 Rs. 400
01 December 2017 Rs. 35 Rs. 400
05 December 2017Rs. 15 Rs. 400
06 December 2017Rs. 15 (Seller) Rs. 400
07 December 2017Rs. 10 (Seller) Rs. 400
08 December 2017Rs. 10 (Seller) Rs. 400
11 December 2017Rs. 15 Rs. 400
12 December 2017Rs. 13 Rs. 400
13 December 2017Rs. 05 Rs. 400
14 December 2017Rs. 05 Rs. 400

13 / 14 December 2017: Price went down to Rs. 05.
12 December 2017: The price is around Rs. 15.
11 December 2017: The price is up at Rs. 13.
08 December 2017: The grey market price further slid to Rs. 10 (Seller).
06 December 2017: The GMP is Rs. 15 (Seller) on 06-12-2017.
05 December 2017: The current grey market price is Rs. 15.
30 November 2017: The grey market price is down to Rs. 30. Kostak rates are quoting at Rs. 400.

Update: Investors should note that the Shalby Allotment will be done around 12th December 2017 to 13th December 2017. Please check the IPO allotment link below.

Shalby Allotment

If you possess any information which can be beneficial to the investors, then you can share with us via the comment section of this page. Your views and ideas are welcome. You can also check the allotment status of Shalby Hospital IPO at our website.

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